Adam Dates Eve

Tired of fake profiles on dating sites? Tired of high monthly rates?

We present you new app, Adam Dates Eve!

While researching which benefits are people looking for in a dating apps there is a need for finding the right candidates. It's not nice when you are matched with some people that doesn't interest you and you doesn't share any common interest with them.

Adam Dates Eve app allows you to specify the question on which your profile visitors will need to answer correctly in order to make contact with you. Using this approach, you won't be spammed with a lot of messages. You will be contacted only with person that has answered correctly on your secret question.

By this approach, person interested in you will need to invest some time in answering your secret question right.

Another benefit is that application gives you 20 days full-featured trial so you can check the app and find if it suits your needs.


  • secret question, which your visitors will need to answer before they can contact you
  • one-to-one chat
  • zero tolerance to fake profiles
  • filtering people in your vicinity
  • 20 days full-features trial
  • secured data storage



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